On stress & normalization

I wrote a little thing about the necessary act of taking care of your body and mind during times of intense trauma and stress.


Let’s talk about stress and normalization!

Let’s say, for example, there’s a national crisis affecting personal safety and liberty. Your cortisol levels shoot up, in order to prepare to defend yourself: “Fight, flight, or freeze.” Your levels don’t get to come back to normal, though, because the danger is still present. Over time, you lose sleep, get headaches, get sick, weight fluctuates, anxiety and depression increases, etc.

To deal, your body starts turning down it’s response to the danger. It normalizes it, without your active consent, in order to protect yourself. It’s why you see blank stares and impassive response from people who are longterm sufferers (i.e. refugees).

So, you NEED to manually turn down your cortisol levels so that they can keep responding to the danger, when needed. You NEED to take a hot bath. You NEED to put down your computer. You NEED to watch cartoons. You NEED to hug your family. You NEED to get a massage, take a walk, laugh with friends, go to the dance class, make the art, play with the dog. Because if you don’t, your body will decide that all of this is normal. And this is NOT NORMAL.

Also, your guilt about taking care of yourself does not serve you, or the resistance. Laugh hard. Smile wide. Let the endorphins rush in. Every single act of self love is a radical act.

The Resistance needs you.

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