Barnraiser, torchbearer, space-holder.


Takes no shit, and gives a fuck.

Previous lives include aquatics queen (swim instructor, pool manager, lifeguard), events EMT (burning man, raves, summer camp), classroom commander (kindergarten wrangler, emotional literacy explorer, resilience coach). Current incarnation: artist, trauma-informed bodyworker, women’s group facilitator, sobriety support cheerleader, and general homebody who plans the occasional celebration bonanza.

The threads running through these lives: to connect, teach, lead, and help.


Niki lives in Oakland with two snuggly cats, a sweet pibble pup, and one delicious husband.

Yes, I do All The Things.

One thought on “Me

  1. mayarain says:

    Oh goodness I love everything about you! I am in love with ceramics and antlers and saw that you did something like a project I was planning on doing soon! I’m an art student in Arizona. Did you make a plaster cast of the antlers? I love the black and gold! ~ Maya

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