Made a quick trip to NY to try and relax after a gnarly couple months at work/life. Still requiring some self-control on my part to focus on C and I, and ignore some dark clouds trying to rain on this fucking parade. I mean, look at this fucking parade!

Bulletin Board Boss

Totally showing up all the other teachers. Suckas!


I had my students stamp their handprints on tag board, cut them out ad added green Popsicle sticks and leaves for a tulip-like flower. The daffodils are egg painted egg cartons attached to paper petals. The raindrops were cut from pages the kids water colored. The clouds are cotton balls glued to white paper, and the sun is made from all of our handprints!

Roasted Tomatillo & Poblano Salsa

I’ve always eyed tomatillos with a fair bit of trepidation. Something came over me last week, however, and I brought home a bagful of these firm, beautiful tomatillos with papery husks. C was excited to be my guinea pig and I got to work.


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Rainy Daze


I just wish the jackhammers across the street would stop so I could listen to the rain.

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Hello, Lucky!


We received our Save The Dates today! Based in SF, Hello, Lucky! did an amazing job creating the perfect cards and labels for us. They were incredibly thorough and took great care ensuring we were receiving exactly what we wanted.

Now I have to organize a Craft Night with my girls and have them help me put these together…I pay in champagne.

Cucumber ‘chips’


Coda and I are lowering our sugar intake, hopefully to great effect by our wedding in August. I’m experimenting with carb-alternatives and these cucumber slices paired wonderfully with a big bowl of guac.