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World Tour

Been daydreaming a lot lately about a little traveling pop up shop…

This is the current favorite:

Traveling pop up camper

So wistful now. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Mold Makin

In the middle of firing the whitetail deer antlers. The original goal was to use them in my wedding centerpieces, but these badboys will end up in the shop afterwards. Maybe sell a few beforehand. They’re so delicate and light, and fit right in the palm of my hand.

Clay antlers

Craft Fair Display



After 3 furious weeks getting ready to sell my wares, it’s all over.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to practice packing, set-up, etc. and did manage to sell a few pieces. Mama-san even got to purchase her three favorite (and my most-expensive!) pieces.

Here is how my display ended up:

craft fair display

I ended up spray-painting the remnants of a leaning-desk and raised up the two smaller ones in the back. I covered cardboard with grey fleece and used straight-pins to display my extra-long necklaces. Earrings were hung from handmade holders made from ‘clay’ and wire; I say “clay” because it was actually this awful foamy substance that was almost too light to hold up anything and didn’t dry stiff,  allowing the wires to shift and things to look wonky. Oh well, lesson learned!

I’d love to work another one after the New Year, now that I’ve got everything ready. Here’s to hoping I’ll find a mellow craft fair after the holiday madness!

miss niki

Upcoming craft fair and display inspiration

I’ve had a busy couple weeks lately! I’m working hard to produce and plan for a craft fair on 12/11. I’ve got some new designs floating around in my head; hopefully, I’ll have the time to finish them!


I’m hoping to share some photos soon so stay tuned!

This pic is such an inspiration for display. If I had the resources to go with all-wood, I would. My current idea is to use crisp, glossy white…dishes, linens, etc.



Display Inspirado


Via Lorelei’s Blog: Weekend Wrap up.