October Spooky Soul Party

Here’s my October Soul Playlist, to get you in the Halloween spirit. I suggest turning on crossfade to 10 seconds. I snuck in an 11th track to honor the passing of Charles Bradley. Enjoy!

September Soul

I want to start releasing small, curated Soul playlists, like some kind of lazy dj.

So here ya go!

Why do I feel so ____?

I’ve found the answer to be, more and more and more, ‘Go outside.’


Camp Moonrise 2017

It’s been two weeks since Camp Moonrise. 18 adventurous women cavorting in the woods for 4 days. It was pretty fuckin’ magical.

The wheels are already in motion for next year- and I am so honored and touched that this resonates so deeply with so many.



It’s been 158 days, and it’s still not normal.

This list, by Yale Professor Timothy Snyder, is fromĀ “Fighting Authoritarianism: 20 Lessons From The 20th Century”.


Embrace the Extra

Guess being extra is ‘in’ now?

So, uh, yay?

Week 21 of 2017

Every day, a new awful. I’m having a hard time keeping track of all the thingsĀ rich white men can get away with. It’s a weird headspace to be in, trying to honor the shadow-shit-parts and also allow for laughter and light.

Some people are saying that joy is resistance, but damn if it ain’t hard.