Someone has to save our skins.

After Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing, and a marathon Star Wars viewing (Rogue One, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens all in three days), I’ve been thinking a lot about Princess Leia lately.

I didn’t grow up with Star Wars like a lot of my (male) peers did. The only thing I understood was that she drove teenage boys crazy in a teeny bikini. I didn’t have any women in my life who knew otherwise and could correct me, for I was sorely misinformed.

It has just been revealed to me, after 30 years, that Princess Leia is a total badass. She was a leader, a trained fighter, and didn’t put up with any shit. She fucking kills Jabba with her bare hands! I had no idea!

And so I feel cheated, somehow, that I didn’t get to spend the years of my childhood dressing up as the leader of a intergalactic rebellion because all I knew about her was that she looked hot in a gold bikini.

What I’m saying is, maybe we (men?) should be more careful about how we talk about and frame female characters, because little girls are listening.


Also? Han Solo was a dick.

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