Portland Pozole

C and I left Xmas morning for Portland; easily the coolest tradition we may have just accidentally started. We spent almost a week at the Ace Hotel in the Pearl District, cruising around one of the only other places I could imagine living.

C made sure one of our first stops was at Kenny & Zuke’s, where he ordered a Jerky Mary. These guys really know how to pickle.


I ordered a grapefruit mimosa, but I think I drank it so fast I couldn’t snap a photo.

After stopping for a quick spree at Icebreaker, where C purchased his very first shmancy (wool) jacket, we cruised past Deschutes Brewery and opted for a quick beer break. These puppies were a whopping 10.8%!


As we neared the weekend, our local friends got off work and things became a blur. Happy hour, Beats Antique at the Crystal Ballroom (those floors!), and a very relaxed last day at T & J’s place. J had put on a pot of pozole and it was the only thing that could warm up these Californian bones.


Even after over a week at home, I can’t get it out of my head. Her pozole inspired me to concoct my own version as I gear up for a rainy weekend. Update coming soon…

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